Denver Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak began the new year by announcing to his team that he was retiring from the NFL.

At 55-years old, Kubiak cited health concerns as the top reason for his departure.

In 2013, Kubiak collapsed while coaching the Houston Texans, suffering from a transient ischemic attack. This October, Kubiak took a week off after being diagnosed with a complex migraine condition.

Denver's off-season had promised to be an eventful one, even prior to the news of Kubiak's departure. Now, finding a new head coach is their first priority. Here's a few names we think Denver fans should take a look at...


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    Kyle Shanahan

    Falcons Offensive Coordinator


    • Broncos fans love the Shanahan family
    • Kyle knows the Denver community
    • Offensive minded coach
    • Very successful with the Falcons the last two seasons


    • Has never been an NFL head coach
    • Is only 37-years old
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    Vance Joseph

    Miami Dolphins Defensive Coordinator


    • Played football at Colorado University, knows the area
    • Has had a successful 2016 with the Miami defense


    • Has never been an NFL head coach
    • Is defensive minded, would inherit a struggling offense
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    Scott Linehan

    Dallas Cowboys Offensive Coordinator


    • Has helped the Dallas' offense become one of the NFL's best this season
    • Despite going 11-25 overall, he has head coach experience after he was St. Louis' head coach from 2006-2008.


    • Went 11-25 as a head coach
    • Seems to be dedicated to the Dallas offense and may not be a realistic contender
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    Bill Musgrave

    Oakland Raiders Offensive Coordinator


    • Has helped Oakland's offense completely turn around last two seasons
    • Proven track record of developing young quarterbacks
    • The Broncos would take him away from a division rival
    • Went to high school in Grand Junction, Colorado


    • Despite being in the NFL since 1997, has never been a head coach
    • Has a history of lateral career moves and demotions
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    Wade Phillips

    Broncos Defensive Coordinator


    • Is worth taking a look at because he was a vital part of the Broncos Super Bowl
    • Is 82-61 oerall as a head coach
    • Knows the system currently in place


    • Defensive minded coach who will be in charge of a struggling offense
    • Is 69 years old, John Elway announced they are seeking "young candidates."

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