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For a medium sized community, Cheyenne drivers can be pretty aggressive. However, even the most conservative of drivers have probably found themselves speeding around some of these areas of town...


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    Ever find yourself coasting at 50 mph down Nationway without realizing you're doing 10 over the speed limit? Us too...

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    College Dr. (Between Pershing & I-25)

    Who isn't anxious to get home from the new WalMart?

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    Dell Range (Between Powderhouse & Yellowstone)

    After the traffic alleviates on Dell Range, it's time to book it!

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    S. Greeley Highway (South of College)

    Unless you're stopping at the Tortilla Factory, you're probably going too fast.

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    Even if you're taking it easy downtown... 20 mph, really? It's too stressful to drive that slow.