Any town that has a dog park, it is a real blessing. Dogs are social beings and this is a great place to let your dogs socialize, train and just run around.   As with any place or activity, there are some good etiquette practices that you should keep in mind to keep peace in the dog park camp. Here are 5 proper etiquette practices when visiting the local dog park, like the Nancy Mockler Park in Cheyenne.

  1. Pick-Up The Poop - This is the mecca of proper etiquette when taking your dog to the dog park. Most dog parks have pooper scoopers and or poop bags, so please use them. This is the main complaint that dog parks get.
  2. Smoking & Eating - Please refrain from smoking and eating in the dog park. Most places will allow cold and hot drinks. Of course, be sure to throw away your trash when you're done.
  3. Shots & Age - Make sure your dog has had her shots before bringing her into the dog park. Also, it may be wise not to bring a dog that is younger than 4 months old for safety and health reasons.
  4. Unruly Dogs - Should your dog become unruly or overly bullying another dog or dogs, leash him immediately and give him a "time-out" session. If his behavior continues, proper etiquette would tell you to leave the park for the day.
  5. Pay Attention & Be Friendly - Make sure you are paying attention to your dog. Keep an eye on your pooch for her safety and it's just a good practice. Also, be friendly to other dog owners. This helps to make the whole experience and enjoyable one for all.