Cheyenne Animal Control is reminding pet owners to leash and pick up after their dogs.

According to city code, "the owner of an animal must keep the animal under restraint at all times, not permitting it to run at large except on the owner's property" and "remove and dispose of, in a prompt and sanitary manner, feces left by the animal on any public property or any private property not owned or lawfully occupied by such person."

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Officer Wagner says a lot of people are unaware of the ordinances and take their dogs off-leash at the park.

"(North Cheyenne Community Park) is one of our main problematic parks," she said.

If your dog likes to run and play, Animal Control suggests you visit the Nancy Mockler Dog Park next to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and/or the Horse Creek Conservation Area near the intersection of Interstate 25 and Horse Creek Road.

"Please note, if your animals are caught in city limits without a form of restraint present, you can be fined up to $750," the city posted on Facebook.


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