Cheyenne Animal Control is reminding people to keep their pets safe during Independence Day fireworks shows.

According to a news release, the agency sees an increase in injured and loose animals this time of year.

According to the release, pet owners should keep their animals (especially dogs) in a safe, confined space when fireworks are being used. They should not be left alone outside because they often get scared and may injure themselves trying to get away.

Secondly, if you know your pet is afraid of fireworks, avoid the situation entirely as much as possible. Your veterinarian may be able to help with calming medications or collars. The agency also says people should not bring animals to fireworks shows.

A terrified pet may injure itself or others in a panic. Most fireworks are illegal inside the city of Cheyenne on public or private property.

The only exceptions are sparklers, smoke devices, and some novelty items. More information is available here.


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