Pet owners know this feeling very well. You let your dogs out in your yard and they relieve themselves. They probably do this 4-5 times a day, at least the "bigger job" and you have to pick it up, otherwise it'll stay in the yard, staring at you like that leftover casserole dish from two weeks ago. Or, you're at the risk of stepping in it later on(unless it's for a walk then you should always pick it up, don't be a jerk).

Tough dilemma for pet owners.

Thankfully, in Cheyenne and Laramie, there are some companies that you can call to the rescue to help take care of the pet waste. They'll charge you a monthly fee, based on the number of dogs you have, and take care of your yard each week.

It's magical.

There are a few companies around town that do this:

Prices vary between the three of these, but if you have one dog it will probably cost you around 40 bucks. Which, isn't a bad fee for what they're doing!

I personally use K-9 Poo Gone at our house. We have two dogs, so it's about 60 bucks a month. They come on Fridays unless there's bad weather, and they clean up the yard. During the warmer months, I plan yard work around their pickup days, so I can be a full-on weekend warrior.

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The Turd Nerds might be my favorite by name. It's just a group of kids that pick up after school, which, you've really got to hand it to their parents for getting them into this. I'm not sure how motivated I'd of been as a kid to pick up after other people's dogs. I'm sure they enjoy the cash.

I'm not too well versed on The Doo House, but they DOO have similar prices to what I'm paying with K-9 Poo Gone. I'm also sure they also do a great job if they're running both Cheyenne and Laramie.

Either way, you look at it, if you want this service, you have the options. I'd give it my stamp of approval.

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