Legendary rockers the Foo Fighters are playing Casper on Sunday, December 10, and somehow there are still tickets available.

The Seattle based band formed in 1994 and features two members of grunge legends, Nirvana, front man Dave Grohl and guitar player Pat Smear. The band just released their ninth studio album 'Concrete and Gold.'

Showtime from the Casper Events Center is set for 7:30 p.m.



  • Ian Gavan, Getty Images
    Ian Gavan, Getty Images

    They're legends

    If you're a Foo Fighters fan even a little bit, you'll kick yourself at some point for not going to this show. It's rare for bands like this to come to Wyoming!

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    Other Bands May Play Wyo

    If the Foo Fighters can sell out, other artists may start to take a second look at playing Wyoming shows. Unfortunately with our low population we'll still be just a stop between Billings and Denver, but it helps.

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    It's Half Of Nirvana

    If you never caught a Nirvana show, this is as close as you'll ever get with two members now in the Foo Fighters.

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    Helps Events Center Updates

    Casper City Council members are discussing much needed upgrades to the arena, including more comfortable seats. Selling out events like this help attract more shows, thus making it tough for them to ignore the Events Center's needs.

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    Opener Bob Mould

    Bob is a punk rock and alternative legend, best known for his work with band Husker Du in the 70's and later his solo work.

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