Three were arrested this week for “criminal activity” at the Stephens Creek facility in Yellowstone, where bison are held by the Park Service. According to Buckrail, increased security caught two attempting to release more bison earlier this week.

The two were caught by officials after 5:00 a.m. March 6. A third was seen in the area that same day. Only asked what she was doing in the area, the woman replied, “Looking at birds”. The next morning she was caught at the facility and charged.

I wonder if anyone sarcastically said, Yeah, I'm a bird-watcher, myself, ma'am."

Just for fun, here are 5 more "explanations" from animal rights culprits:

5.  “Went for a walk and got lost.”

4.  "PETA made me do it."

3.  “I was just trying to pose for a selfie.”

2.  "The Bison looked so cold."

1.  "I was told there would be buffalo burgers here."

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