Here's how you can squeeze every last ounce of summer out of this season before heading back to school.

The new school year is just about to begin. If you're like me, this is an exciting time of year. A new year is filled with new opportunities and experiences. In order to fully enjoy everything this school year has to offer, you need to get all that summer fun out of your system.

Here are five things you should do before the school year takes over.

Sleep In

The hardest part of going back to school is hearing that alarm clock go off before the sun is even up. I had to get up at 5:30 a.m. every day to make it to school on time (a 7:10 a.m. start and a 45-minute bud ride were no joke). Take advantage of one more good snooze session. Heck. Go all out and get to bed at a reasonable hour beforehand to really maximize your sleep. Lord knows getting to be on time is difficult to achieve during the year too.

Hit the Pool

Free time will be reduced significantly when class is in session. Not to mention the homework that will take up those afternoons. Oh, and then there's the whole "changing of the seasons" that will take away your pool privileges. Get in the water somehow, someway and don't be afraid to get pruney.

Get Out of Town

With school comes extracurricular activities. Between practices and games, time to get out of town will be hard to come by. Use this "free" time to take a trip. It can be as easy as a short road trip to a dive bar you saw on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" on Food Network or as extravagant as a beach vacation to celebrate the end of summer. Just load up and go!

Cook Out

You don't always thing about how much effort goes into a good outdoor cookout. The lazy ways of summer take over and loading up the cooler and lighting the grill seems effortless. Try to compress that into a weeknight with homework on the table and bedtimes to hit and suddenly it seems like you must be losing your mind suggesting you grill dinner. Plus, the flavors of cooking out are summertime staples that will be harder to come by once the weather starts changing.

Read that Last Book

Many of us enter into summer with a list of books we want to read. Nothing sounds more relaxing than lounging by the pool, soaking up some sun, and turning page after page of a new book. Take some time to read that last book or finish one up. The new school year will definitely take some spare time off of your plate, but in some cases you will have too much school reading assigned to enjoy anything else.

Do you have an "summer" activities you'd like to squeeze in before the new school year? Share with us below. And here's to a new and successful school year!

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