I grew up a rollercoaster nut. I rode the fastest and the biggest, but I've never ridden one down a mountain which is why the Cowboy Coaster is on my bucket list now.

The Cowboy Coaster is located near Jackson. It's the one activity in that part of Wyoming that you can maybe afford. The short version of what the Cowboy Coaster is can be summed up with a couple of different videos. The first one is what you'll see if you ride the Cowboy Coaster in the spring.

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It is possible to ride the Cowboy Coaster with snow around just like this dude did a few weeks ago.

The coaster down at Snow King is so well-known that Only In Your State and other national websites regularly mention it as a place to visit even if you don't live in our state.

The official Cowboy Coaster website mentions that it opens officially for the season on May 28. They recommend the "Big King Pass" to ride it. This is where that "affordable" word becomes debatable. A day pass costs $125 for an adult. Kids ride for $50. If you have a big family, that makes for a hefty amount. It's worth noting that this day pass also includes mini-golf, the alpine slide, maze, trampoline and the iconic chair lift. It really makes for an epic day if you have the time to do all these things.

Is it a must-do Wyoming bucket list item? I think so as long as you have the dollars to make it happen. It's one day you're not likely to forget.

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