There are a lot of things I would still like to experience in this life that I am so grateful for. Near the top of that list is a sunrise hike to Grand Teton.

The nice thing about this "boy I hope to get to do this someday" bucket list item is it's very doable. A sunrise hike to Grand Teton is not only jaw-dropping, but accessible.

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You don't have to be a rugged outdoorsman (or lady) to make a Grand Teton sunrise experience happen. If you check out Trip Advisor, you'll notice that one of the top-rated locations for a spectacular Teton sunrise is Schwabacher Landing. Check out what one reviewer said a few years ago about what this location is like:

Get up early if you visit The Tetons. Schwabacher Landing is one of the best locations to view the first light. If you are lucky, you will be rewarded with TWO sunrises, one on the mountain and one reflected! It took four visits to get a mirrored reflection. Water flow, (melting snow), wind, and beavers, create movement in the foreground reflection. There is seating, but you might want to bring something to sit on.

A double Teton sunrise? Sign me up for that. All Trips agrees. They mention that Schwabacher Landing is one of the launching sites for fishermen in the area. It's easily accessible by one of the turnouts off of highway 191 north of Jackson.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

If you've never experienced the Tetons at sunrise, you really need to consider a trip. The world-famous mountains that take your breath away any time of the day are real lookers when the sun first catches them. Wyoming bucket list item? Absolutely.

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