After having a chance to attend Wyoming's first football game of the season in Iowa City, here's a few takeaways I had...

  • Seneca Riggins, Townsquare media
    Seneca Riggins, Townsquare media

    Wyoming's Defense Is Improved

    Let's start with a positive, Wyoming's defense overall looked pretty good. They were dealt poor field position, and very little rest in the second half, and still held Iowa to just 24 points. New Defensive Coordinator Scottie Hazelton looks like he has the collective unit in good shape early.

  • Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media
    Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media

    Josh Allen Needs Some Help

    Josh didn't have one of his best efforts, but he also didn't have much help. Losing weapons on offense like Brian Hill, Tanner Gentry, and Jacob Hollister hurt a lot more than some had projected. Running backs Milo Hall and Kellen Overstreet need more productivity on the ground as the season goes forward, and Allen's wide receivers need to eliminate dropped balls.

  • Big Ten Network
    Big Ten Network

    Punter Tim Zaleski Has A Great Sense Of Humor

    Wyoming freshman punter had, well... "a moment" on Saturday that many wouldn't be able to bounce back from so quickly. After whiffing on a punt, bobbling the ball and missing it with his leg completely, he came back and pinned Iowa inside of their own 20 on the next punt. He joked with reporters afterwards "they say all publicity is good publicity."

  • Seneca Riggins, Townsquare Media
    Seneca Riggins, Townsquare Media

    Carl Granderson Is Awesome

    After Carl Granderson tore his ACL last season, he return with force in week one of this season. The defensive end led Wyoming in tackles with ten and had one sack. Granderson did require help getting off the field after one hard collision, but returned to the game shortly after.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Iowa's New Tradition Is Here To Stay

    The University of Iowa Children's Hospital is the round building overlooking Kinnick Stadium. Patients get to look into the stadium during the home games and get a great view into the game. It was suggested by one of the staff that at the end of the first quarter, everyone in the stands should wave to the kids. The sight of over 70,000 people waving to children battling illnesses was, in my opinion, the biggest highlight of the game.

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