You may be reading this while waiting in a long line. Perfect timing!

Happy Black Friday! No, I actually meant to use the word "happy." This is a happy day filled with excitement and hope for a wonderful Christmas morning, which is just over one month away. We know that today will be crowded and there will be some tempers that get set off, but with this simple list of helpful hints, we think you can avoid blowing your top!

Some of these will be harder to abide by than others, but I think we can put on our grown-up pants and make them all happen!

1. Breathe - We already know that today will present problems. That's just what happens when so many people are in a small store together trying to grab the same items as everyone else. Before reacting, just take a deep breath. Heck, before you even get out of the car take a deep breath... several even. Keep that oxygen flowing and I'm sure you'll feel your blood pressure start to drop.

2. Stay hydrated - Whether you know it or not, you're working out today. You're lifting items, lugging bags to the car, and briskly walking across parking lots. Ain't nobody got time to be dehydrated. And no, coffee doesn't count.

3. Put yourself in their shoes - The holiday season is about togetherness. In a way, you are all in this Black Friday craze together. They don't want to be in a bad mood, just as much as you don't want to. So be nice and you may receive the same in return. It's the golden rule. Not to mention, this may be the only day they can afford to shop for their kids, so refer to tip number one and carry on.

4. Keep a snack in your purse - If you're like me, being hungry makes you angry. I get hangry on a Tuesday, so today is definitely a day to keep some nourishment on hand.

5. Smile - If you slap a smile on your face, even though it may turn into a grimace at times, you might find that you actually feel happy.

Bonus Tip - Keep us on hand in your back pocket with the mobile app.

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