Watching the ideas the Grinch comes up with for stealing Christmas is much like watching Wile E. Coyote try every ACME product he can buy to catch the Road Runner.

Like Mr. Coyote, those ideas don't often end well.

The latest attempt by Mr. Grinch is THE ROCKET SLED!

I assume this is meant for a fast getaway.

This thing seems to ride well, but there is not much for storage, so he can't steal much- and he had a hard time turning.

But, then again, this Grinch guy doesn't think things all the way through, does he?

Watch the video below and you'll get just about every camera angle possible.

WOW look at that flame shooting out the top.

Mr. Grinch isn't going for some electric vehicle here, is he?

NOPE! He needs something that will keep its range in all that snow, ice, and cold.

I'm not sure what he's burning here but I admire that big orange flame.

I bet the cops don't have anything that can change the Grinch across an ice lake.

But, then again, all they have to do is wait for him to run out of the lake, fuel, or wreck.

One of those is going to happen soon enough.

attachment-Grinch Rocket Sled Youtube 2

Ever wonder where the Grinch or Mr. Coyote get the money for all of these wild inventions?

No idea what his top speed is.

Though I bet, considering how little that sled can carry, that he's making a profit on this.

He'll burn through more in fuel than that load of presents.

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