If you're anything like my sister-in-law, then when it comes time for the holidays, you're likely binge watching every Hallmark Christmas movie in existence. This is my experience when I stay at my brother's house for the holidays. And I typically get suckered into watching them when she tells my brother, "Hey, turn off the game, we're watching a Hallmark Christmas movie tonight." And although the small towns in those movies look like they could be that of a small Wyoming town, has there ever been one filmed in Wyoming?

The answer to that is actually yes and no.

Back in 2015, there was a Hallmark Christmas movie titled, 'A Christmas Melody'. This particular film was actually directed and starred the one and only Mariah Carey (who always seems to surface at Christmas every year, imagine that). But it was filmed in Wyoming...The city of Wyoming, that is. To be exact, it was Wyoming, Ohio. So yes, technically a Hallmark Christmas movie has been filmed in Wyoming. But not our Wyoming.

There hasn't even been a setting within Wyoming. There's been one set in Wyoming as a Hallmark Valentine's movie, but not a Hallmark Christmas movie. There's been several Hallmark Christmas movies set in Colorado, but none in Wyoming.

So why don't we get either? Wyoming would actually be a great setting for one of those films. I talked about this months ago, back in May, because most Hallmark Christmas films are filmed during the summer, so it was roughly the time.

Now, if you're someone who hasn't seen a Hallmark Christmas film, here is what typically happens. As I mentioned, I talked about this in May and here's what I said that holds true today:

...It's typically a female as the central character who has a great career in the big city (usually New York, Chicago, or L.A.), but then she reluctantly needs to go back to her hometown for the holidays, which is usually a much smaller city or town, and then she falls for a guy that has become the hometown hero since he never left home and seems to be a relatively nice guy (our condolences to the big city boyfriend the main character totally ditches). And all this is of course, is centered around Christmas.

That's the exact plot of every Hallmark Christmas movie. But can we bring one here to Wyoming? Or to Cheyenne as I asked for months ago? We have roughly the same size of town for it. The downtown setting is there. Perhaps Candance Cameron Bure, Lacey Charbert, or Autumn Reeser might see this article and adhere to our pleas...maybe? Probably not. Regardless, it would still be great to have a Hallmark Christmas movie in Wyoming, and more specifically, Cheyenne!

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