It's May 10th and it's snowing a pretty good rate in downtown Cheyenne. If you added decorations throughout the city and didn't have a calendar, you might think today was December 23rd. Looking outside, a random thought dawned on me, and that was, "This looks like it could be a setting in a Hallmark Christmas movie."

Don't get me wrong, I do not habitually watch Hallmark Christmas movies. However, when I go home for the holidays, I typically stay with my brother and his wife. My sister-in-law watches Hallmark Christmas movies 24/7. I also wonder if she does when it is not the holidays. So by way of my default location during the holidays, then yes, I do watch some Hallmark Christmas movies.

That being said, if you have ever seen one, you know the basic plot. It's typically a female as the central character who has a great career in the big city (usually New York, Chicago, or L.A.), but then she reluctantly needs to go back to her hometown for the holidays, which is usually a much smaller city or town, and then she falls for a guy that has become the hometown hero since he never left home and seems to be a relatively nice guy (our condolences to the big city boyfriend the main character totally ditches). And all this is of course, is centered around Christmas.

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So why am I talking about it in May? Because downtown Cheyenne literally looks like the setting for one of those Hallmark Christmas movies today. And in case you're a loyal Hallmark Christmas movie watcher, I doubt you can tell me a town in Wyoming they have ever used for a backdrop. Of course, they haven't. Colorado has been used more than a few times, but not Wyoming.

Another fun fact is they typically film Hallmark Christmas movies during the summer months. While we are not to summer yet, we're obviously in something like 7th winter right now. This would be an ideal backdrop of weather for the seasonal movies to film. Not to mention, we have actual snow falling here, unlike the obvious fake snow they have in every Hallmark Christmas movie. You can tell how fake it is when it lands in someone's hair and doesn't ever melt.

So given the climate, the unique downtown setting of Cheyenne, and the fact that they have never used Wyoming for any of these settings, why not film one of those Hallmark Christmas movies in Cheyenne? I'm sure Candance Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert, or any traditional actress starring in Hallmark Christmas movies wouldn't mind coming here. Today (May 10th) looks like it could have been one of the perfect days to use for filming.

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