You better watch out! Seriously, you better. It's that time of the year and the old man up North is checking his list a couple of times to decide who gets toys and who gets a nice lump of coal. Have you ever gotten a lump of coal in your stocking? I can only imagine that would be demoralizing as a child. Seeing your siblings pull toys and candy out of their stockings while you reach in and grab what feels like a dusty, jagged rock.

Oh, Fudge! You were naughty!

Well, that coal that you got had to come from a place with excess amounts of coal that could supply Santa with the tons he(probably) needs for all the naughty children every year. The largest coal-producing state in the United States, as you know, is Wyoming.

So, that means Santa gets his coal from Wyoming?

It has to. It just has to. Now, I grew up in coal country on the other side of the United States in Kentucky, so I was very surprised that Apalatia wasn't the top area for coal in America, but I totally get it. Wyoming is low-key and just does what they're supposed to without needing the recognition. According to the Wyoming State Geological Survey, Wyoming has been the top coal-producing state since the 1980s.

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That not only means that we have the most coal, but we have the best and finest. You don't want some dusty old coal in your stocking from somewhere else. You need Wyoming-made, high-quality coal. Santa knows this and that's why he(probably) has a big contract with Wyoming energy companies.

Just like that, we all realized that Wyoming saves Christmas every year.

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