I'll admit it, I've had a lot of time inside my home to do some extensive research on the best way to get rid of all that dang snow that fell on us from the blizzard over the weekend. So, I spent quite a bit of time, figuring out the best way to remove the snow we have, which is going to be a daunting task the next week. Yes, I said week, because I don't think we'll be able to get rid of this stuff today(unless you're really, really efficient).

I'll start off with the best video Youtube has to offer from a guy in West Virginia. I'm actually going to probably try this in my back driveway. And you know, West Virginia actually gets more snow in the Mountains there than we do here. Just roll it away.

Now, this guy is thinking, I'm just going to bust out my leaf blower and get rid of this wintery mess. I'm for it, no judgement from me. We might have too much snow right now for this to work, but, this dude may have a really powerful, Tim Allen style blower.

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What about using a weed eater with an attachment? This thing looks pretty sweet for getting rid of the snow.

If you would have been advantageous on Saturday night and just kept at it through Sunday, this might have worked. But, it's a pretty cool way to get rid of the snow under normal circumstances.

This guy is like, ok, we're too far gone, we need a true hack, to get rid of this stuff and make life easier. He busted out the ole WD-40 and noted you could use cooking spray, as well. Just slices through the snow.

And finally, don't forget to get limber before you toss 50 pound shovel fulls of snow over your shoulder.

Good luck out there.


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