Growing up in Kentucky, right on the Indiana boarder, I HATED snow from my teen years and up. As a teen, if there was the slightest amount of snow on the ground, my Mom wouldn't let me drive to school(What a drag). As I grew older, I never had a four wheeled drive vehicle for various reason, it didn't snow a lot back home, and I'd rather have gas mileage than a trusty vehicle that works wonders in the winter time.

After being offered a job here in Cheyenne back during the Tiger King portion of the Pandemic, I purchased a new Jeep Renegade. It's kind of the best of both worlds, decent gas mileage and four wheeled drive. Until today, I hadn't really had a reason to use the four wheeled function, aside from driving up a dusty trail toward pilot hill.

Fast forward to this morning, I woke up to probably what makes up to 8ish inches of snow? I can't find anyone to tell me how much and I don't own a ruler, what am I? A nerd? So, at 4am this morning I backed the trusty Jeep out of my driveway, kicked it in four wheel drive(it has a fancy snow tab to use) and hit the gas.

Oh man, did I just slide and adjust perfectly? Yes I did! This is SO MUCH FUN. So, I hit the next street, same thing, no traffic, so whatever, I'll keep having fun. One more turn to get to a regular street that was plowed and I am in business. I had no idea how much fun sliding and keeping traction on snow streets could be!

I am now a fan of driving in snow after years of hating it. Thank you Jeep and Wyoming for making me be a winter driver!

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