Of the thousands of wild turkeys in Wyoming, only one has their own Facebook page.

Thomas Gobbles has been a controversial Casper celebrity for several years.

While some have accused Thomas of blocking traffic, chasing mailmen, harassing students at Casper College, lewd displays of affection and a general disregard for public safety, he is beloved by hundreds of children in Natrona County.

One of those kids, 9-year-old Anja C. Perry, even wrote a poem about Thomas Gobbles titled "Turkey of the Town".

Once there was a turkey,

People called him Tom,

He was not a normal turkey,

He was very smart and strong.

When he crossed a road,

People yelled at him,

They thought he should listen,

Because they were bigger than him.

Since he could not understand them,

He did it his way,

Even to the point of crossing big hi-ways!

But now people like this turkey,

So smart and so strong,

What a great turkey!

People call him Tom.

Watch Thomas Gobbles:

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