Want to put a 50-pound turkey on the table for Thanksgiving? You won't find one at the grocery store, but you might find one on a farm near Powell, Wyoming.

Joel McCoy has been raising turkeys for years. In 2005, he brought his biggest bird to a local market for an official weigh-in. The titanic tom tipped the scales at 57 pounds. Although the Wyoming Department of Agriculture doesn't keep records for domestic turkeys, it is purported to be the largest turkey ever grown in the Cowboy State.

"It's definitely the heaviest turkey I've ever heard of," Northwest College ag professor Bruce Nisley told the Billings Gazette after researching state archives and records from county fairs around Wyoming.

Along with several turkey farms across the state, Wyoming also boasts one of the largest wild turkey populations in the west. The state record for wild turkeys is 31.31 pounds, harvested by Curtis Lynch in Crook County.


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