Wyoming has one of the largest wild turkey populations in the West.

If you can't hunt down your own bird, there are seven farms and ranches that raise turkeys here in the Cowboy State.

The EZ Rocking Ranch is located in Recluse, Wyoming. In addition to turkeys, they also raise free-range chickens, beef and pork.

The Hecht Creek Ranch outside of Laramie is known for their turkeys, chicken and ducks.

The Painted Sage Farm in Daniel produces vegetables, pork, turkey, chicken and eggs.

Running Water Farms in Evanston raises dairy and beef cows along with chickens, eggs, pork and turkey.

Talmadge Farms in Carpenter breeds horses, cattle, goats, lamb, chicken, pork and turkeys.

The nearby Wild Winds Sheep Company, also in Carpenter, is known for sheep, of course. They also raise lamb, chicken and turkey and grow carrots, barley, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and beets.

Wind Sauna Farms east of Cheyenne also grows a wide variety of vegetables in addition to raising chicken and turkeys.


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