Our next President Donald J. Trump and Wyoming's most famous wild turkey Thomas Gobbles have several things in common.

They're both controversial public figures, loved by many and loathed by others. They both have been accused of sexism. And, in spite of questions about their temperament, they're also very popular here in Wyoming.

In the 2016 Presidential Election, Trump received 70.1 percent of votes cast in the Cowboy State.

By way of comparison, 56.5 percent of voters declared Thomas Gobbles a "hometown hero" in our recent statewide poll.

Had Thomas been running against Hillary Clinton, he probably would have won Wyoming too.

Gobbles also appears to be less polarizing than Trump.

According to our poll, only 14.41 percent considered the wild turkey to be a "menace to society". The 22.5 percent of Wyoming residents who voted for Clinton would likely categorize our next President in a similar vein.

So, who's more popular?

We'll give the benefit of this argument to our next Commander-In-Chief. While Trump has his fair share of critics, at least 29.35 percent of Wyoming residents don't want to eat our President-Elect for Thanksgiving.