According to Beer Advocate, there are now 29 breweries in Wyoming. Here's a toast to one of the Cowboy State's original beer makers, the legendary Casper Brewing Company.

Casper Brewing was the second business in the state to produce their own beer. Their first brand, marketed as "Wyoming Light Lager", was introduced in December of 1914 and was featured in Volume 28 of the American Brewers' Review.

Advertised in the Casper Daily Press as "The Only Good Time Beer", Wyoming Light Lager quickly became a favorite at local watering holes, including the popular bar inside the Oil Exchange Building.

After prohibition forced the brewery to shut down for 13 years, Casper Brewing resurfaced in 1934, launching three new brands, "Casper Beer", "Frontier Club Beer" and "Hillcrest Beer".

In 1944, the brewery was forced to cease production. Following the end of World War II, they resumed operations, brewing Hillcrest Beer until the company finally went out of business in 1948.


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