I can remember times when I was a kid that my mother called me an animal. When you get a bunch of boys together, they'll always try to gross out the girls or even each other. Food fights, fist fights and loud, disgusting sounds are common.

One of the first lessons human parents teach their kids not to play with their food. Honestly, I find they teach that so you don't embarrass them when out in public...but, they teach it.

In the animal world, the parents teach their young to chase it, catch it and then they'll just toy with it before killing it to get the nourishment.

Nature is incredible.

BrushBuck Wildlife Tours is a 100% veteran owned company that travels all over the world giving tourists unique opportunities to witness the wildlife. The company was formed in Jackson by veteran sister and brother, Amber and Adam, to give visitors a special memory.

As the company expanded, they've added in tours and trips to not only Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, but also Alaska and Africa. It's a cool set-up with lots of options.

Obviously the more you're out watching the wildlife, the more wild and crazy things you'll see. Being a guide for a company like BrushBuck, you're sure to catch a few things that would make some people creep out.

BrushBuck Guide Cooper Brown was out and caught a coyote playing with a Vole. The coyote tosses the vole around a few times, before gnawing on it and swallowing it whole.

You definitely wouldn't want to be a vole in that situation, but watching the coyote is pretty incredible.

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