A TikTok video posted from behind the scenes has some fans up in arms about the use of CGI to modify the Predator’s appearance in PreyThe video shows a Yautja warrior that hasn’t yet had the CGI applied to it, therefore showcasing some very cool practical effects behind the curtain. The animal skull used to create the trademark shape of the warrior’s head and the animatronics that bring the mouth to life are on full display in the video. Some people argue that it looks better than the final product, or at least that a better result could have been achieved if the whole suit was practical.

The film has received mostly positive reviews and is also one of the biggest films to ever stream on Hulu. In fact, it set a viewership record just three days after its initial release. Perhaps the reason behind the popularity is the formula the film relies on. It takes the bones of the first Predator film but adds an interesting new twist. This time, the warrior is thrown into the middle of Comanche territory in 1719, and with that, the hunt is on.

Another thing that sets Prey apart from the rest of the franchise is the warrior itself. It's a specific mutation of the Yautja race that grew up under different environmental conditions and therefore moves and operates in a completely different way. It’s more feral, so while it doesn't have an arsenal that's advanced to an extreme degree, it more than makes up for it with extreme ferocity and athleticism.

With everyone making such a fuss over the TikTok though, it should probably be addressed. There's something that’s undoubtedly uncanny about the appearance of the all-practical Predator. The way the costume starts and stops and jitters is uncanny. But the peek behind the veil also manages to humanize the creature, because, for the first time, you actually see it moving like... a person in a suit. The end product doesn’t look all that different from the full-practical suit though. At the end of the day, CGI was really just used for small flourishes.

You can check out the TikTok below:

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