If you support small instead of corporate, want a healthy local economy, body and mind, check this out

I love to support local as much as I can, but that can be more difficult than you might think. As a newbie four-year Wyoming resident, I needed help so I started with Google and that led me down many interesting pathways for finding a Wyoming raised bird and kept leading me to dead ends. I no longer hunt but I strongly support those who do. Seasons and licensing can be tricky but obviously, can be done. Don't forget the "luck factor."

Factoid: Wild turkeys were originally introduced to Wyoming in 1935 when New Mexico traded nine hens and six toms to Wyoming in exchange for sage-grouse. The initial release site was near Cottonwood Creek in western Platte County. The National Wild Turkey Federation Wyoming do good works to improve the health of a variety of critical habitats with The Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt Initiative.

Consultant / Holistic Veterinarian Will Winter DVM says 98% of food consumed in Wyoming is hauled in from somewhere else. But now that Wyoming leads the nation in food freedom ability, the removal of burdensome rules and regulations, small family operations can more easily sell their products.

At the base of the Wind River Mountains, Painted Sage Farm used to have some of the tastiest turkeys (and most expensive @ $75) raised in Wyoming, Her turkeys were once fed with hay, organic seed, and spent brewer’s grain from a local brewery, and they could roam freely within an enclosed yard.. But Maggie Palmer has decided to downsize and focus on her restaurant in Daniel. Maggie suggested a connection in Lander, Wyoming. I am hoping for a call back.

Eatwild.com didn’t turn up any naturally raised and locally sourced turkeys. So, unless you have a license, a hunter friend, or know a guy…. I guess we dine on out of state bird this year. Next year, I will try for an earlier start. In the meantime, my wonderfully resourceful wife managed to bag a huge bird with an incredible free with purchase deal at the store. It's in the freezer.

If you have a hookup, leave a few words in the comments below. Thank you.

If you support small instead of corporate, want a healthy local economy, body and mind, check this out. I found this PBS video enlightening.


Tracy says "There is a turkey farm here in Bridger Valley but we are south west."