A 19-year-old Cheyenne man accused of soliciting sex from a purported 11-year-old girl has been bound over to Laramie County District Court.

Circuit Court Judge Sean Chambers on Wednesday afternoon found probable cause to bind Clayton Spencer Tanner over on one count of possession of child pornography and three counts of soliciting to engage in illicit sexual relations.

Tanner was arrested on July 4 after the “Predator Poachers” set up a meeting with him and called the police -- something the group recorded and later released on YouTube (see below).

According to preliminary hearing testimony, the vigilante group's leader, Alex Rosen, had been posing as an 11-year-old girl online and communicating with Tanner since May of 2022.

"Mr. Rosen said that while he was posing as an 11-year-old girl online, he had had several conversations with Mr. Tanner in which Mr. Tanner stated he wanted to have sex with the 11-year-old and then drink her blood after cutting her," Cheyenne Police Officer Matthew Ryan testified.

Ryan says Tanner also stated that he wanted to rape the girl's 3-month-old sister and drink her blood; that he intended to impregnate the girl and then rape their young daughter when she was born; and that he had requested the girl perform fellatio on him during the July 4 meet-up.

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Ryan says when Tanner arrived at the jail, he voluntarily admitted to having child pornography on his cell phone, and several pictures of what appeared to be prepubescent females performing oral and anal sexual acts on each other were found on the phone.

"He stated that he had been arrested for child porn charges earlier and was on probation," said Ryan.

Tanner, who was released from jail on July 7 because formal charges had not been filed yet and re-arrested on July 11 on a misdemeanor warrant for probation violation, denied violating his probation during a revocation arraignment that followed his preliminary hearing, and a scheduling conference was set for Sept. 8 at 4 p.m.

Chambers set the bond in the case at $2,500 cash and kept the bond in the felony case at $25,000 cash.

Tanner's next court appearance will be an arraignment in District Court.

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