For nearly 40 years now, AC/DC have remained a proud bastion of good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll regardless of changing trends — so it only stands to reason that in 2012, long after the pinball industry’s glorious heyday, the legendary rockers are teaming up with Stern Pinball to create their own game.

Called simply the AC/DC Pinball Machine (we were hoping for AC/DC’s Big Pin Balls, but we’ll take this, too), the pinball cabinet features a number of features that will be instantly recognizable to longtime fans, including a rotating cannon, “Thunderstruck” targets, a “Hell’s Bell,TNT explosions, and — of course — flashing red horns.

The machine comes in three models: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition, priced from $5,699 to $8,499. All three versions feature a dozen classic AC/DC tracks, blasted through an eight-inch cabinet speaker. As Stern’s press release puts it, “The AC/DC machine is designed to rock.”

“The combination of classic rock and pinball can’t go wrong,” said Stern Pinball founder Gary Stern. “The music and play of the AC/DC machine delivers nothing less than the ultimate rock experience that both AC/DC fans and pinball players can appreciate.”

Watch for the AC/DC pinball experience at your local arcade — and check out a couple of teaser videos below:

AC/DC Pinball Machine Teaser Video
AC/DC Pinball Machine Complete Game Video

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