I'm not saying I watched a reboot of the 90s teen movie, "She's All That" which is gender-swapped now to be "He's All That". But I am saying, that this show has a Wyoming flair to it. And when I say Wyoming flair, I totally mean that I watched it and the main character on the show is from Laramie. So, go ahead, move over "First Encounters," "Broke Back Mountain" and "Unforgiven," "He's All That" is the first Wyoming movie or series that is number 1 on Netflix.

Now we're going to go ahead and ignore that Rotten Tomatoes gave this show a grade of 33 percent rotten. The series itself really is just like the movie, with Robbie from Cobra Kai(Tanner Buchanan) as the main character as a kid that relocated to California from Laramie. Somehow, him moving to a new school immediately makes him the least popular guy in school, so he's a charity case for this snotty teen that's a social media influencer to make him the Prom King. Ok, I get the 33 percent rotten ranking now.

They also don't hold back on Wyoming stereotypes. For the love of god, we don't ride horses everywhere. I feel like that writer's room was like, "where should we say this loser is from? Wyoming, of course! He has to ride a horse to prom now."

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I'm going to do my best to not ruin it for you, but you can probably imagine where this whole series is going to go if you were lucky enough to have been born before 1995. It rolls out just like the original "She's All That". It's just missing the star power of having Freddy Prinze Jr., Matthew Lillard, and Paul Walker(RIP).

If nothing else, it's worth a watch with the Wyoming connection, we get hosed on that sometimes. Looking at you, Yellowstone.

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