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'Tis the season for Christmas movies. As we gear up for the holidays, here's a look back at three Christmas classics that were filmed right here in the great state of Wyoming.

Down the Wyoming Trail - This 1939 film starred country music singer and western actor Tex Ritter, who worked in a Wyoming dude ranch. On Christmas Eve, Ritter was asked to dress as Santa Claus, only to be framed for murder by another man who had been wearing a Santa costume that night.

It Wasn't Nearly Christmas - Filmed near the Jackson Hole Ski Resort, this 1989 movie depicts a depressed Santa Claus convinced that the public no longer loves him. After vowing to quit, Santa meets a little girl who is trying to reunite her parents. As they travel across the country, Santa rediscovers the spirit of Christmas.



The Homecoming: A Christmas Story - This 1971 made-for-television movie, shot near Red Top Meadows outside of Wilson, Wyoming, featured the famous Walton family. When Father Walton returns home late from a business trip, the oldest son, JohnBoy, sets out to find him and is forced to cut down the family Christmas tree.

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