Did you know that more than 500 bags of food are handed out to local students in need each week?

The Friday Food Bag Foundation delivers bags of nutritious, non-perishable food each week to schools in Laramie County School Districts #1 and 2 to distribute to needy children over the weekends.

The non-profit organization uses a totally volunteer workforce and space provided by the Element Church, 600 E. Carlson. They put together about 530 bags each week that are delivered to schools where district personnel distribute the food to children who have qualified for the free meals.

You could volunteer to help put together Friday Food Bags or you could join their Adopt-A-Bag program. For a donation of $225, you can ensure that one student will have a Friday food bag for a full year.

The cost per bag is about $5. The annual expense of the Friday Food Bag program to deliver 530 bags per week plus five weeks of summer school, 174 more bags per week, is approximately $94,450 for a total of 18,890 food bags.

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