Yesterday we talked about a United Airlines flight attendant forcing a passenger to put her crated French Bulldog into an overhead bin, where it died. A criminal investigation is being launched.

"It is up to each of us to keep our companion animals safe, and we should never allow someone to put them in harm’s way." - PETA

Today we find out that United in Denver mistakenly shipped a Kansas bound German Shepherd to Japan. The 10-year-old dog was flying for the first time and had no food or water for the 16 hour flight.

Less than a year ago, United beat and dragged a passenger off their plane to make way for a United employee. How would you like to have the PR job for United?

US Department of Transportation report shows 24 animals died while being transported by US carriers in 2017. 18 died while in United’s care. United also had 13 pet injuries.

Some of the responses on the deceased dog from the KINGfm Facebook page.

“I would have walked.”


“I'd be beating the ‘&#@%’ out of whoever forced that to happen, then sue that person, and the airline!”


“Catch whatever you can on video, leave the plane and figure out another flight. Inconvenience? Absolutely, but it wouldn't have killed the dog like this ladies neglect did.”


“It doesn't look like a service dog. Dogs don't belong on planes. Leave your dogs at home or with a sitter. If you can't fly without your dog, drive.”



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