Father's Day weekend is almost here. For me, this will be my 8th Father's Day, and I couldn't be more excited for what adventures we might go on. Over the last 8 years, I have noticed a heightened sense. Something that I never had before. Think of it almost like Spidermans "Spidey-sense." For example, I can sense my kid is going to vomit, minutes before the disaster. Or how about sensing your kid is going to do something that will cause them harm? Many of us can thank our Dad's for keeping us out of the hospital or even keeping us alive. It is something called "Dad Reflexes."

Urban Dictionary describes "Dad Reflexes" as

the reason for dad reflexes are to protect their kids and they are faster then normal reflexes which are made to protect their kids in any way needed. (PS only dads have it)
Dad is on the couch and hes little toddler is falling then the dad uses his dad reflexes to catche his toddler mid air so the kid doesn't get hurt.
Check out the following compilation of some great examples of REAL superheroes, DADS.

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