Money is tight these days. Since the pandemic began, thousands of Montanans have iled for unemployment. The $1200 stimulus check was just a band-aid. Now that the check has been spent, it is back to eating ramen and hot dogs. Just recently, I had to sell my dirt bike, just to pay bills. It was a sad day. But, for some it is necessary to make it through the pandemic.

Sometimes selling things online takes a little creativity. You got to find a way to "break though the clutter." This goes more for anyone trying to sell something that may lack "quality."

For example, a guy in Kalispell is looking to sell his Chevy pickup. It isn't much to look at and high in miles. But, according to Logan, it is a diamond in the rough.

1998 Chevy Silverado

240,000 miles


Now , now don’t be so quick to judge.....I know this truck looks more messed up Then Sylvester Stallone’s face did after fighting Russian in Rocky 2 , but it runs better then your Werid friends Prius...I would drive this truck to Mexico 🇲🇽 tomorrow yelling “Hasta la vista” to everyone in this crazy town and then sell it and not come back because Mexico has tacos and tacos are good so is beer🍺 ...I got off topic yeah this truck runs good even for being a Piece of S Cheevy , you know that’s because this truck only has a crate motor with 80k on it , because the original probably blew up because you know cheevys .... and it has a Rebuilt tranny that shifts smoother then your werid Friends Prius, and it’s goes 70 down the highway straighter then my ex’s hair after she went emo , you think you know someone and then one day you come home and you thought walking dead started...If you want the rest of this awesome description message me because Facebook is dumb and won’t let me post all


No matter how you spin it, Logan sure does have a way for selling cars.

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