Remember back in 2020 when a woman was wandering up into a herd of bison at Custer State Park in western South Dakota? Yeah...that didn't end well.

She thought she'd just meander up to the pretty fluffy prairie cows and snap a couple of photos. While she was looking at one bison another male bull ran up behind her and did what bull bison do. She played with the bull and got the horns.

The unnamed 54-year-old female motorcyclist from Iowa is lucky to be alive. When the bison attacked the lady's pants got stuck on the bull's horn. He tossed her around like a rag doll until her pants came off and she could be rescued. She survived with just some bumps and bruises.

The pants on the horn of a buffalo have become a part of South Dakota folklore. Folks around the state have taken to hanging pants from lots of bison head wall mounts.

And even though tourists are reminded again and again to give the Custer State Park Bison a wide birth inevitably some just don't get the message.

It's happened again. According to the Billings Gazette, on Monday “a couple was walking back to their cabin near the general store from a wedding at the pavilion. While they walked back, there was a bison herd in the arts festival field across from the education center and the woman got too close to a cow and her calf.

They got a little too close and the lady was knocked down by a buffalo. The woman did not sustain any major injuries and law enforcement was able to arrive on the scene quickly. The woman was checked by an ambulance and left of her own accord.”

They are both is very lucky.

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