Let's just say some interesting flyers started popping up at my apartment complex recently...

I fear for those who actually believed this message to be real. Lately, my complex has been having some issues when it comes to crickets. For whatever reason these guys are moving in and it's got several people wanting to move out. My complex promised to do whatever they could to fix the problem.

But this (fake) idea takes the cake.

Now, keep in mind that all of this is one big joke, but recently there were some flyers that popped up in the halls and elevators. The flyer detailed a new method of cricket removal that included the use of two dozen Leopard Gecko Lizards. These little guys would come with the promise of consuming four pounds of crickets in 24 hours.

That's just phase one.

Next, the complex would need to get rid of the geckos using Short-Tailed Weasels. These weasels promise to round up the geckos and deal with them as they see fit. It would be messy at first, but when all was said and done our complex would be cricket, gecko and weasel free.


Whoever took the time to write this is wildly creative. Maybe next time they can write and publish some short stories instead of terrorizing those who don't understand sarcasm. See for yourself below...


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