If you haven't had them, they're certainly new to you, but Applebee's is bringing back their Halloween-themed cocktails.

Now through October 31st, Applebee's will be serving the Tipsy Zombie and Dracula's Juice in their 'Mucho' sized glasses for only $5. That means you can go and grab one at the Cheyenne location over at 1401 Dell Range Blvd.

The Tipsy Zombie (doesn't every zombie seem tipsy) is tropical blue and made with Bicardi Superior and a float of Midori. It's even topped off with a gummy brain. Very festive.

If you're looking for something with more of a margarita and daiquiri blend, then you'll definitely dig Dracula's Juice. The frozen concoction mixes Patron Tequila, Bicardi Superior, wild berry, and margarita mix. Dracula, himself, might even trade in a quart of blood to drink that instead.

Did I mention it comes in a huge glass and is only $5. I did, but it's too late, I already typed it. Enjoy the new spooky drinks at Applebee's. They'll be here all October!

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