In Cheyenne,  Smokers feel like there are fewer and fewer of them. In the ongoing war against more and more non-smokers, smokers have already lost. Are smokers now treated as second class citizens?
Here's what happens at workplaces around town:

It starts with an email, then the ashtray suddenly gets replaced by a sign on the wall or door - "no smoking." At first it's interpreted as within 10 feet, but oh no, then it's 40. The next thing you know you and all the others are outside the Cheyenne city limits in a leper colony.
On the bright side, all the smokers get to know each other better - wherever there is an actual ash tray - and all agree they feel like second class citizens. Some prefer to put that in terms more like, "Outcasts," or even, "Inferior human beings."

Enough about how they feel treated. Here's the question, if you feel like offering an anonymous opinion:

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