Approaching Memorial Day, it's already a great series of stories on “Wyoming War Heroes.” I thought it was time to honor one who didn't leave much of a story, on behalf of all lesser known heroes.

Turns out, though, there was something great left by SSGT JAMES F. BARNES:

Date of Birth: 3/12/1939
Date of Casualty: 11/6/1966
Home of Record: LARAMIE, WY
Branch of Service: ARMY
Rank: SSGT
Panel/Row: 12E, 32 (On Memorial Wall)

The pages of the Vietnam Memorial Fund website are open for people to leave their remembrances. In the case of Sgt Barnes, one is from a high school kid doing a history project, "I didn't know you, but you died for me, and many others." It was just great to see a teenager understanding the gratitude we all owe. There's actually a nice column of people giving posthumous thanks to SSGT Barnes, but it seemed none of these good folks really knew him ... until:

"Thanks for the kind comments for this Hero. I am his son and also now an Army Veteran. my son also is currently serving in the Army. If anyone has information or served with my father, SSGT BARNES, James F. please contact me. Again Thanks from this HERO's family." ~ Steven Barnes

Did I say there was no real story? Forgive me.

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