Its not a good idea to mess with mother nature or her young. There's that adorable little cub and you just want to squeeze it or at the very least, get a selfie with it.

It's all good until the mother comes crashing through the underbrush with a loud roar, a gnashing of teeth and a slashing with sharp claws rends your flesh from your bones. Then there's screaming and pain, and your life force is draining out of your body from several ragged openings.....

Its Springtime and the animals are giving birth to those cute, cuddly babies that just cry out for you to pick them up and feel how soft they are. You just want to give them a hug.

Their mothers will take exception to your affection and will do what they can to dissuade you from handling their offspring. Birds will dive bomb you, bears will tear you apart. Then, the police will bust you. It's illegal.

If you find a baby animal alone, it's likely the mother has gone off to forage for dinner. You may think the young animal has been abandoned, but don't get up in their business. You could really mess them up if you get your scent on them. Instead, just call Wyoming Game And Fish. They've got this.


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