This is a moment and a challenge that only a mother can truly understand. A new video share shows a Colorado woman who was forced to walk the last half mile to the hospital to deliver her baby after her car broke down.

This is wrong on so many levels...where to start? Well, based on the video description her name is Kelsie VanMeveren. She and her husband were driving to Parker Adventist Hospital in Denver a few days ago when their vehicle broke down. They were apparently unable to have an ambulance come and pick her up due to the cost.

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I have so many questions, but before I go there you can see Kelsie's laborious walk for yourself.

As I was watching Kelsie's walk, I kept screaming inside of my own mind "CAN SOMEONE PLEASE STOP AND GIVE THIS POOR WOMAN A RIDE?!?"

Disclaimer first: I fully understand medical costs. If you've ever had a medical emergency WITHOUT insurance, you understand that struggle. Without going into the bigger issue of medical costs in America, an ambulance trip is expensive no doubt. However, I wondered as I watched this video why the husband didn't call a cab or someone for help? Not judging the guy cause as the father of seven, I feel for the man and the woman trying to think straight in a situation like this.

I am not saying that this video is shared to make a point about American medical costs and certainly hope that isn't the case.

The good news is it appears mother and baby are doing fine as the end of the video shows. That's all that really matters.

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