In what seems like one of the top stories of 2022, the retail liquor license that became available this year has finally found a new home. Get Bent LLC is the proud new owner of the license and will work to convert the current West Edge Collective building into Railspur, an ambitious ghost kitchen that will also have a bar, package store, and live music in Cheyenne's West Edge.

While the suggestion that the Railspur project would get the licenses came out of a committee last week, the council voted last night on whether or not to award the license to Get Bent LLC. While not unanimous, both Counsilman Tom Segrave and Mayor Collins voted no, the new venture had enough support for the Railspur project to breathe new life into the West Edge.

An amendment that was made for the Railspur project is that they'll have to pass all their hurdles and be ready to open business by December 31st, 2022, otherwise the license will revert back to the City Council. Some of the council were concerned about this because the City itself may slow down their progress with permits and anything that the city has to approve. Council members Richard Johnson, Jeff White, and Dr. Michelle Aldrich all spoke about leniency if an issue does arise.

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An interesting note that came up during last night's City Council meeting had to do with the mentioning of 55 available liquor licenses in Wyoming. While that is a great number, Mayor Collins mentioned that those licenses cannot be used within 5 miles of a municipality, so they have to be in very rural areas.

After all the wait, now we just have a little over half a year to see the new Railspur Project come to life in Cheyenne's West Edge.

You can find more information about the Railspur Project here.

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