Five-month-old Evelyn Woods is poised to make history next week, becoming the youngest person on record to visit all 50 United States. According to her mom, Wyoming was the most beautiful stop on their cross-country journey.

When Jenna and Ryan Woods found out they were expecting a child, they sold their business and decided to hit the road. Then they read about a six-month-old infant who had recently visited each state and set their sights on the record.

Evelyn was born on January 26th. On March 17th, Jenna, Ryan, the baby and their dog Bleu left California in an RV, traveling through Nevada, Utah, and Colorado on their way through the south and towards the southeast. After winding up to the northeast, then back through the midwest, the family arrived in Wyoming.

"We loved Manhattan and Yellowstone the most,” Jenna recalled. She also said that Evelyn "was a big fan" of the area.

The family set up an Instagram page to document Evelyn's epic road trip. They recently arrived in Alaska and will fly to Hawaii next week to complete the trek. Meanwhile, mom is already planning another adventure for next year.


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