Cheyenne police say "Barnacles" are proving very effective against parking scofflaws.

According to Public Information Officer Alex Farkas, 13 flagrant parking violators have been Barnacled since the department began using the devices on March 1.

"The Barnacle device has been a successful addition to our parking enforcement equipment," said Farkas.

"It is effective, easy to use, and is a much safer process for our Community Service Officers," she added.

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Rather than a traditional car boot on a vehicle’s wheel, the Barnacle is placed on a vehicle’s windshield; adhered securely with multiple suction cups. The device releases its grip once a fine has been paid.

And Farkas says those getting Barnacled are actually paying up.

"In some instances where outstanding fines have reached a significant level, our parking manager will work with individuals to establish a payment plan," she said.


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