Six parking scofflaws have been "Barnacled" since Cheyenne began using the new parking enforcement system a month ago, police say.

Rather than a traditional car boot on a vehicle’s wheel, the Barnacle is placed on a vehicle’s windshield; adhered securely with multiple suction cups. The device releases its grip once a fine has been paid.

"The Barnacle is used as a last resort to enforce parking payments," said police spokeswoman Alex Farkas.

** UPDATE **

In addition to the six barnacled vehicles, police report ten vehicles have been booted for failure to pay tickets.

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"Citizens who have several outstanding tickets are subject to getting the device placed on their car," she added.

Unpaid parking tickets have grown into a substantial problem in Cheyenne. In just two years, more than $200,000 in unpaid tickets have accumulated.


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