I love horses, but you can't turn your back on them especially when it involves feed. A fun new video share shows one barrel race horse owner who caught the bandit red-handed (or would that be red-hooved?).

The owner begins with a simple explanation. No other backstory is really needed.

Kodak is a 6-year-old barrel horse

Special congratulations to Kodak on not only being an epic snack horse, but also perfecting the "opening the barn door with your nose" trick. I think this happened near Bryan, Texas which also tells you a lot. Texas horses are clever.

Barrel Horse News (a recommended follow if you love horses, btw) mentions that a barrel race horse needs even more feed than a regular horse. If you've ever heard the phrase that you "eat like a horse", this is what they're talking about. More water, more proteins, more vitamins and minerals are all required for a healthy performance horse.

If health is measured by food and the cleverness required to obtain it, Kodak is in great shape. If only I could sneak food out of the fridge like Kodak without my wife knowing it, I'd be a happy man.

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