Pizza Hut recently announced they will be expanding their delivery service to include beer. The nationwide chain debuted beer delivery at 100 stores in 2018 and now plans to provide the service at over 1,000 locations this year, according to CNN.

The Yum! corporation, which operates 7,500 Pizza Hut franchises around the country, hasn't listed any specific locations in Wyoming that will offer beer delivery but did note the service would available this month at stores in Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Ohio.

When, and if, any of Cheyenne's local Pizza Hut franchises will offer beer delivery remains to be seen. A manager at the store on 5320 Yellowstone Road said he was unaware of any plans to deliver beer. The Yellowstone location is one of three Pizza Hut franchises in Cheyenne, each of whom are licensed to serve beer.

Last year, Drizly became the first service in Wyoming to deliver beer, wine, and spirits in the Jackson Hole area.



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