Headed to a Rockies game? Go ahead and get that hot dog. It could be a lot worse somewhere else.

It's the great American pastime... baseball. And despite a lull in professional sports this time of year, Major League Baseball is hanging in there in the "hunt for October." I wouldn't put it past too many Wyoming residents to travel to Denver to catch a Rockies game. Baseball games can sometimes be long, so if you feel hungry, grab a bit to eat at the park.

Sports Illustrated says they have some of the best food safety rankings in the country.

That's not to say that they are perfect, they are just better than most. Using data from 28 local health departments, they put together a list ranking all major league ballparks across this great nation. This data looked at all food vendors and stands in each location. Plainly put, all parks had violations. Before you panic, these health experts say you shouldn't worry about the parks with few violations at a handful of stands. It's the parks with multiple violations at numerous vendors that you should examine.

Keeping food healthy at a ballpark seems near impossible to me. For the most part it's an outdoor venue that sits vacant for months at a time. Kind of like the grill at your apartment's pool, right? The biggest is just keeping food at the proper temperatures.

Luckily for us Colorado's park is looking pretty good.

Coors Field came in at number four on the list, making them one of the most safe places when it comes to food standards. Ahead of Denver's location were SafeCo Field in Seattle, Fenway Park in Boston and Minute Maid in Houston ranking one, two and three respectively.

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