Lately there has been a lot of talk about middle class income versus lower class income.  But when it comes down to persons living on a fixed income, like social security, most fixed income households bring in about half as much as the median household income of about $57k annually.

According to the average social security benefit for a retired worker in the US is just over $1369 a month, which equals just over $16k annually for a single person.  A couple gets about twice that each month or just over $32k a year.

When it comes to living on a fixed income there is little to no flexibility in your income.  But with the constant rise in the cost of living in this country, where can you go to make ends meet? put together a list of the best places in every state to live on a fixed income.  For Wyoming, Riverton topped the list.

Riverton, Wyoming has lots to offer.  Especially for persons on a fixed income or who are wanting to keep their cost of living low.  According to the survey, the value of homes in Riverton are on the rise, while affordable rent rates have been dropping and now average just over $1000 a month which is the lowest in Wyoming.

Click Here for more info or to see which town in other states is best for persons on a fixed income.

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